The "Team Tuvalu" consisting of Katsu/JH7OHF/AH6G (a member of K5K), Ted/JJ1LIB/N1GO (a member of 5T5U/S07U), Hiko/JN1HOW/AH6PW (a member of 5T5U/S07U) and Mamo/JQ1KNH/W6KNH  made huge amount of contacts from T2-land (OC-015). Operations took place between November 3-11th, using the callsigns T2T (on HF) and T2SIX (on 6m). These special callsigns were issued to commemorate TUVALU as a signatory of the United Nations. Activity was on 160-6 meters SSB/CW/RTTY. They had three stations on 24 hours a day.
Equipment: two sets of FT-1000MP + AMP
           a FT-920 + AMP

Antennas: a 4 elements triband Yagi for 20m/15m/10m  15mH
          a 5 elements triband Yagi for 30m/17m/12m  15mH
          a 7 elements Yagi for 6m  15mH
          a full size vertical for 80m
          a fill size dipole for 40m  25mH
          a full size dipole for 160m  25mH

6m beacon: 50105 / QSX 50130

Pilot: 7K1WLE/Toshi, JF6OJX/Tad (on HF)
       JA1RJU/Kazu (on 6m)
       N6FF/Dick (except JA)

QSL information: HF via JN1HOW, 6m via JH7OHF, both direct only.

JN1HOW - Toshihiko Niwa, 1081-8 Sakae, Kitakawabe, Saitama, 349-1213 JAPAN
JH7OHF - Katsushi Ono, 15-10 Gamokotobuki, Koshigaya, Saitama, 343-0836 JAPAN

< NEWS on Nov 1st >

The " Tuvalu Team " is still in Suva, Fiji.
They has been delayed due to a delay in the flight from to Tuvalu.
The team expects to be QRV as T2T (HF) and T2SIX (6m) from Nov. 3rd until Nov. 11th.
Before Nov 3rd, They will be active on the air at 3D2AG's shack.

3D2GO --- JJ1LIB
3D2OW --- JN1HOW
3D2NH --- JQ1KNH
3D2WR --- JH7OHF

< NEWS on Nov 4th >

The "Team Tuvalu" has put up some antennas for all bands.
They use a 7 elements yagi 15mH for 6m, a 4 elements yagi 15mH for 20/15/10m, a 5 elements yagi(Force12 WARC1/2/2) for 30/17/12m, and a 60 meters long wire 20mH between trees for 40/80/160m.
They will put full size GPs for 40/80m on surface and a dipole 25mH for 160m tomorrow.
They are very careful to read any EUs on all bands, so listen to their announcement.

< NEWS on Nov 6th >

They put up a dipole for 40m 30mH and a full size GP for 80m today. They worked several EU's and lots of NA's in east coat of the US on 80m at their sunset time.
They will try to put up a dipole for 160m 30mH tomorrow.
They tried to send me the log data on e-mail, but it has not arrived yet. They will try again tomorrow.

< NEWS on Nov 7th >

They had already logged in over 18,000 QSOs at Nov.7th evening.
They will be QRV to work Europeans on 40m SSB at 16-17z tomorrow.
They try to work the East Coast on lowbands.
They had a few QSOs on 6m, just worked JA, V6, 3D2 ,and VK's.
They want to send their log data by e-mail using the computer in minister's office, but he is always absent. So, the log search might be started after their operation.

< NEWS on Nov 10th >

T2T will be active on 40m this night for their last operation, using a 400W linear amplifier to work Europeans.
They still have just wire antennas like a dipole for 40m and a GP for 80m.
They have already made over 27,000 QSOs including more than 100 QSOs on 6m.
T2T and T2SIX will sign off tonight(around 18z).
The log search of T2T and T2SIX will be available after they come back home.

< NEWS on Nov 29th >

Thank you for your waiting.
The log search system of T2T and T2SIX has been available at:
I am appreciated to JH4PHW / W1PJ for log search supporting.
QSL via JN1HOW (for HF), JH7OHF (for 6m) with SASE

(thanks to JH4PHW / W1PJ) now available

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(pictures from TUVALU)

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