J5 DX-expedition 2006 by JA1DOT and JP1TRJ


  J5DOT by JA1DOT/Hisa
  J5TRJ by JP1TRJ/Hiro

 Operating Period 

from April 25th to May 4th 2006



 Operating Bands 

160 meters - 10 meters bands

 Operating Modes 



TS-480HX and IC-706


A wire GP/DP with 5 meters long mast plus 10 meters long fishing rod 

 Sending QSL 

Both of J5DOT and J5TRJ should be sent to JA1DOT
Hisa had already processed 300 SASE which he recived by 5/21 and now on the way to you.

 Pilot station 

/Ono (who is the DX column editor of JA CQ Magazine)

 News and Supporting BBS 

News BBS
Supporting BBS (in Japanese)

 Log Searching 

It takes long time to update On line log serch. Becuse Hisa 's PC was broken in J5 and Most of QSO are in paper log. If you want to confirm QSO, Please send email to JA1DOT@jarl.com with your QSO data.




@For more pictures (courtesy of HA3AUI)